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Hey there friends!

Say hello to Rabbit

We are coming to the new year of 2023 with huge optimism for the crypto market. The next bull market is on the horizon and we are here to create a Year of bullish runs!
Rabbit - New Year Coin by Doxxed Guys
Rabbit - New Year Coin by Doxxed Guys

A community of


Taking the idea of coming together, we intend to create in our community a theme of friendship and brotherhood among our investors with shared input for a portion of the marketing.

We will have regular polls and community feedback from our investors over many of the decisions the direction the project goes in. Most major decisions will be decided by the Team. But we are interested in building a community which shares a vision to success with us.

Grow and get strong

Our Vision

The goal with New Year Coin is built on our existing community which will carry over into each of the projects. This allows us to grow at a much more significant rate and ensure we have strong and trusted diamond holding investors who see the openness and transparency we have. So, when new investors join New Year Coin, they will see we already have an eager and engaged community to help grow the project fast.
Rabbit - New Year Coin by Doxxed Guys
Doxxed Guys - Team: Enrique Q. and John M.

About us

Doxxed Guys

We are a Team of Devs called Doxxed Guys – a business in crypto for safe and trusted project creation and promotion, fully doxxed, KYC, open cam, and fully audited contracts. We are building an ecosystem of several connected crypto projects for investors. New Year Coin is the second in a series in which each project supports one another. This is achieved primarily in the Tokenomics. For each project, we insert reflections of a previous Token. New Year Coin has the reflection of Santa Coin BUSD.

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Token Details

New Year Coin $NYear. The official New Year Coin token on Binance Chain BSC

Token Decimal
New Year Coin
Token Symbol
Token Decimal


Contract Address
Total Supply
Liquidity Lockup Time

1 year initially with extensions for future seasons


Buy 6%

Sell 8%

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New Year Coin Token Distribution

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Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Meet the Team

Santa Coin BUSD token $SANTA The official Santa Coin token on Binance Chain BSC.

Doxxed Guys: Enrique Q.



Doxxed Guys: John M.



Doxxed Guys: Harry


Contract Dev

Doxxed Guys: Diego


Web Dev

Doxxed Guys: Camila


Art Director

Doxxed Guys: Hafeez



Doxxed Guys: Rasheed



Binance - NewYear Coin
Popcoin - NewYear Coin
Metamask - NewYear Coin
Coinscope - NewYear Coin

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